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The company offers the following types of welding work:

MIG / MAG welding 

Semi-automatic welding is the most popular method, which not only provides a high-level result, but is also easier to apply and suitable for different materials. In the list of advantages of MIG / MAG welding, we should also mention the significant work productivity and the possibility of automation

TIG welding

This tungsten inert gas welding is especially suitable for thin and delicate materials and parts. Provides accurate, detailed results, often used when welding aluminum.

MMA welding 

One of the most common types of welding, where arc ignition and electrode movement are done manually. Under the influence of the electric arc, the electrode is melted and the molten metal is led to the welding bath, forming the molten part of the welding  weld. The main advantage is satisfactory productivity with small initial investments.

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